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«With site-specific art production and exhibitions, accessibly mediated art, its public digital archive, and an international reach, Dogo Residenz für Neue Kunst is an essential part of the development of Switzerland’s young art scene.»


The artspace at Rathaus für Kultur enables the artists to show the works they produce to an audience. The program enables the artists using the space to experiment with the exhibition of works-in-progress. In collaboration with external curators, experimental art education programs are developed. These shows attract a diverse audience, deriving from different parts of Switzerland, to Toggenburg. In addition to exhibitions, interdisciplinary and educational events attract a heterogeneous audience. The large show will signal the end to the residency season, as a highlight of the Dogo calendar. It includes all produced artworks.


In a direct encounter with art resides much that is worthwhile and valuable. In order to build a bridge from the art world to the everyday realities of children, young people and adults, a translation, or mediation of art, is often necessary. Dogo builds in Toggenburg a diverse art mediation program for people of all ages and backgrounds. The underlying principle is a cooperation at eye level. In the mediation formats «Artschool Dogo» (open studio, art laboratory, holiday courses), «Art mediation in the show» (workshops for schools, art talks, children’s openings), «Art Mentoring» (accompaniment/input of final projects and Matura works) and «Art Background» (walking with Dogo, studio visits) engagement with art is made accessible. By partnering with schools in the region, linked with Lehrplan 21, we are working towards long-term development of these programs.


To ensure that Dogo Residenz für Neue Kunst lives up to the demands of contemporary preservation, it will gradually build a digital and publicly accessible archive that meets the requirements of archiving in a modern age (authenticity, integrity, originality, usability). After all, the public should be able to recieve insight, anywhere and at anytime, into what artists experience and produce during their stays in Lichtensteig. Dogo ensures the safe and informative development and mediation of the archive material. This includes the documentation and preservation of events and works. Only through a carefully curated collection, art knowledge can be preserved for future generations. In addition to the digital archive, a public art library will be created, which will be available for visitors to the Rathaus für Kultur. The books, which will be purchased over time, are closely related to the artistic orientation of the residency.


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Artistic Director
Hanes Sturzenegger

Communication & Finances
Marcel Hörler

Art Mediation
Maura Kressig

Graphic Design
Sirkka Ammann

Dogo Residenz für Neue Kunst
Hauptgasse 12
CH-9620 Lichtensteig

Our bank account details:
IBAN: CH82 0078 1622 5416 1200 0

Dogo Residenz für Neue Kunst

Rathaus für Kultur in Lichtensteig serves as a living space and residency for young artists. Historically, the town hall has been long been used as a residence; during the 15th century the abbot and the dean of the monastery were accommodated in its apartments during their stay in Lichtensteig. One might say that history writes about the present. Most important are the ideas that broaden perspectives and create new paths. In addition to the living room, the old gym will be converted into a large-scale studio. The artists who work and live on site will liven up the city, bringing a touch of internationality to Lichtensteig.


Creativity needs space and time. The apartment at Rathaus für Kultur offers a living space for five young artists from around the world. They live and work during two, four or six month periods on site. The shared studio at the converted gym allows for the production of large-scale works. Dogo’s mission is to promote artists who want to develop their artistic practice and works. The location allows for a variety of responses from residents. Lichtensteig uniquely combines an urban and a rural character. The building itself is situated on a lively street within a bustling neighbourhood. Within walking distance industrial buildings are encountered, from which point on the hilly landscape begins. The small size of the municipality promotes art production in all kind of ways. Among other things, it serves as object of projection, a catalyst for thoughts and interventions. The exchanges created with the community are at least as important as the personal development of the artists themselves. This is the way to create works that transcend place, medium and time, and while containing and responding to questions that are anchored in the present.

Open Call

The open call for the current season is closed. The following artists live and work at the residency, each at different times, from March to September 2019: Piero Good, Paul Diestel, Björn Heyn, Julianna Johnston, Sonja Hornung, Nathalia Cury & Alexandre Lindenberg, Anouk Verviers, Emmie McLuskey & Sarah Fastré, Ina Weise, Patrick Ostrowsky and Larisa David. The next open call is expected to take place from the end of July to mid-October.

1 x town hall. Without offices and spicy, please: In December 2018 and January 2019 are we going to transform the town hall into a Rathaus für Kultur (town hall for culture) and Dogo Residenz für Neue Kunst is part of it. In any case, there is a lot of work and we need support for that. Our wemakeit crowdfunding campaign runs until 29. October 2018 (12 o'clock), where you can support us financially. You prefer moneyless? No problem. We also like to take things (for example furniture) and we are looking for volunteers for the renovation. For that you should contact Maura Kressig. Well then, the countdown is on Baby!