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Dogo Call: Forest


The forest consists of many woods. It is a place of relaxation, habitat, and cultural landscape, changing its appearance according to the season. An ecosystem and a witness of time, providing protection for many living beings. It is a source of inspiration for fairy tales, mysticism, and magic, permeating practically all aspects of human and animal life with its woods. The presence of the forest - the surroundings of the Dogo Residenz - has prompted the art association to offer various points of connection for artistic exploration in the year 2025. We are looking for cultural practitioners (individuals or collectives), who wish to engage with the forest and can situate it within their practice.

Two working areas are available as part of this call: "Ephemeral Forest" (March to July 2025, 4 spots) and "Persistent Forest" (October, November 2025, 3 spots). Within "Ephemeral Forest," for example, performances, scents, culinary events, actions, or installations can be developed, and methods such as mapping, walks, conversations, cooking, workshops, or excursions can be tested. The works created during this period will be publicly displayed during a forest weekend on July 5/6, 2025. "Persistent Forest," on the other hand, focuses on longevity. These two-month residencies are intended for research, conceptualization, and, if necessary, the implementation of works that are to be exhibited in the public space of Lichtensteig for at least five years and are expected to be part of the art walk starting from the summer of 2026.

More details about Dogo Residenz, our Mission Statement, the Principles, Condtions (offer, service, selection criteria, expectations) and the Infrastructure.

Interested? Then apply by 30 April!

Application Procedure

Deadline: 30 April 2024
Pre-selection decision: 7 May 2024
Deadline for submission of idea sketches (4000 characters or 2 minutes video): 21 May 2024
Jury session: 10 – 12 June 2024
Interviews: 17 – 21 June 2024
Announcement: 22 June 2024


Piero Good, Elisabeth Nold Schwartz, Hanes Sturzenegger

Info about the form

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Work area

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